Optimum space usage/efficiency is the main idea when we design a cupboard or built in cupboard. Every cupboard is built according to the clients need for hanging space and shelves. Various cupboard fittings and handels can also be added for both a touch of style and practicality. A choice between Solid, Veneer , Supawood, Sonae & PG Bison Melamine, Niemann and Seno cupboards are available to enhance the style and natural shades of your home. 

Built In Cupboards
An economic and fast paced cupboard option, Colours from the Sonae Melamine range from  Burnt Oak, Indian Ebony, Smoked Cedar, Plum Tree,  Walnut Cherry Royal, Mahogany, Oak, Maple and Balsa Melamine.  EC Woodworth keeps up with current trends.

Photo Gallery
Modern Built in Cupboards

2NOV201006321617 Copy-4376.jpg 16febr201103021617 Copy-669.jpg 16febr201103321617 Copy-4917.jpg CHERRY LANE 10 20120519 018 Copy-3407.jpg Cherry Melamine Built In Cupboard Copy-2413.jpg DSCN2155 Copy-421.jpg FERNANDES 20111111 01 Copy-1210.jpg FERNANDES201112222321617 Copy-4778.jpg FERNANDES201112224121617 Copy-729.jpg GEDC039721617 Copy-3610.jpg GIGI 20131001 010 Copy-4290.jpg HELEEN COETZER 20121122 001 Copy-597.jpg HELEEN COETZER 20121122 001691 Copy-1306.jpg HERLO LEN 20130417 017 Copy-4986.jpg Mahogany Melamine Built In Cupboard Copy-1944.jpg MISIBI201201255221599 Copy-518.jpg PG Summer Oak Melamine Copy-3290.jpg Plumbtree Melamine Built In Cupboards Copy-2705.jpg TIRELO201202080321617 Copy-4143.jpg

2NOV201006321617 Copy-4376.jpg