Optimum space usage/efficiency is the main idea when we design a cupboard or built in cupboard. Every cupboard is built according to the clients need for hanging space and shelves. The latest cupboard fittings and handels can also be added for comfort and a touch of style. A choice between Solid, Veneer & Melamine cupboards are available to enhance the style and natural shades of your home. 



Solid Wood Built In Cupboards:  All our custom made solid wood built in cupboards are made from only the best quality hardwoods. Rose wood, Meranti, Rhodesian Teak, American Mahogany, Jakaranda & Blackwood are only a few of the wood species we use.

Veneer Built In Cupboards:  A thin slice of wood glued onto particle board is what Veneer wood consists of.  These characteristics makes Veneer cupboards a beautiful yet cost effective option for your custom made built in cupboards.

Melamine:  For a full list of colours, please visit http://www.sonae.co.za/novolam or http://pgbison.co.za/products/melawood

Niemann:  http://www.niemannsa.co.za/  and Seno:  http://senosa.com/

Photo Gallery
Contemporary Built in Cupboards

5AGUSTUS201000721617 Copy-847.jpg ANDRE 20120731 0034360 Copy-4653.jpg CHERRY LANE 10 20120519 018 Copy-4836.jpg CHERRY LANE 10 20120515 012 Copy-731.jpg DANIEL METIEKIE Dark Mahogany  20120504 07 Copy-1474.jpg DE VELLIERS 20110308 03 2 Copy-190.jpg DE VELLIERS 20110308 03 2 Copy-895.jpg GERHARD MOOIKLOOF Mahogany Finish Built In Cupboards 20120830 023 Copy-2919.jpg GIGIPAUL201107261021617 Copy-4885.jpg GIGIPAUL201107261421617 Copy-1658.jpg LOUISE201107140621617 Copy-170.jpg Mahogany Veneer DSC0019 Copy-3630.jpg mcfarlen201112141221617 Copy-2043.jpg Solid Kiaat Built In Cupboard  ANDRE 20120731 003 Copy-3209.jpg strubel201111230921617 Copy-4368.jpg

5AGUSTUS201000721617 Copy-847.jpg